Picking a Palette that's sure to sell

Paint palettes are always a hot topic in real estate circles, but often people are discussing trendy interior designs and forget about the color of the façade, which is a very important factor in the buying and selling process.

While reading the Wall Street Journal this month, I came across an article that highlighted this issue and provided some helpful information, along with a strong warning:

When it comes to selling, the role of color becomes elevated from a personal design choice to a tool that can impact the marketability of a home. The right shade of exterior color can hasten the sale. The wrong shade could kill it.

Move or Improve

  You live in a one-of-a-kind home with fabulous architecture and an ideal location. Finding the place was a dream come true, and you can’t quite imagine giving it up. Yet there’s one problem: its once-perfect size no longer fits your family. The tight squeeze is forcing you to make a decision…do you move or [...]