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Take an afternoon drive through any residential area of town and you’re likely to see at least one line of crepe myrtles with bushy pink, red, purple or white flowers. These eye-catching trees, which bloom best in warm climates, sure seem to love Dallas. And, on the whole, Dallasites love them back. Unfortunately, however, there are some people guilty of what has been termed “crepe murder” – an awful horticultural crime that refers to severely pruning the top portion of each tree. This atrocity, also known as “topping,” tends to have a copycat effect. One homeowner spots another using the technique and pretty soon the whole neighborhood is filled with not-so-attractive knobs. Arborists know that the practice has a detrimental effect not only on the trees’ beauty, but also their health, structural integrity and longevity. While this style of pruning may initially result in larger blooms, the next batch of flowers grows in on thin, [...]